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Dynamite: Vengeance of Vampirella #20

With the last issue I though this series was done, yet issue 20 has been a real gem. In 19 we saw Vampirella go toe to toe with her nemesis Nyx and the battle was as epic as battle in a comic book can be. With our heroines victory I had assumed it was all over but the story still has some miles left in it.

Mild Spoiler warning ahead…

What so many stories about a small band of plucky heroes going up against an evil regime fail to remember is that there has to be something next.

What I am saying is, what happens after the big bad is dead and gone?

Who calls the shots now?

Are there factions?

Is there a chance for peace?

This issue deal with that. It shows Vampirella and her squad really sit down to figure out what to do next. Is it perfect, not really, but maybe we will see more in the future.

But that is just the big picture stuff. Now that the adrenaline has all died down Vampirella has to sit and take stock of what she has done. It is here that we can see she may be suffering from a form of PTSD and who could blame her?

She just fought a war and was forced to murder the man she loved. How she chooses to deal with this pain is very mature and adds a certain sense of realism to the story, one that just adds  to the overall product.

I really hope there is more of this series because it has been one seriously wild ride.

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