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Dynamite: Vampirlla Vs. Purgatori #5

We are finally coming to the end of this fantastic series and if you have not read any then I insist that you go grab the previous four issues because this one is one hell of a ride.

Let me set the scene for you.

On a cold dark night, Lilith, mother of monsters has gathered together numerous pure and good souls. Her objective is to take one of these souls and twist them, thus leading to the apocalypse. Fortunately for us mere mortals all is not lost because the demonic dames Vampirlla and Purgatori join forces to stop Lilith. Though it becomes apparent pretty quickly that all is not as it seems and there may be bigger and darker games afoot.

Warning Spoilers ahead…

If you are not interested in seeing two iconic female comic book characters take on the forces of Hell and also Hel herself then you actually have come to the right place. This series has a lot of layers, some dark others surprisingly funny. On the surface this book is just babes versus monsters but once you scratch that surface you get to a story that deals with fate and family, two topics I could ramble on about for hours. With fate being dealt with via the concept of changing the future, a classic trope and one I love to see.

As for family at the end of the day this series is an ode to any child who really struggles to connect with a parent who is an addict. At least that is how I see it. Where here you have Lilith who is addicted to being just a massive bitch, she wants her child’s attention so she sets the entire plot in action just to draw Vampirella to her and we the readers relish every minute of it.

One of my favourite series of 2021 and I am so excited to see the Purgatori solo series due out this October.


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