Beat Quarantine Boredom: Learning One of These Instruments at Home

The year 2020 brought so many changes in the lives of almost all people. There are no personal classes, no enjoyable vacations, and you could only spend limited time outside. In fact, those changes are still visible today. It’s been more than a year now and it’s still evident that the majority are still stuck on the four corners of their room, bored, and probably you are one of them. Fortunately, you could use your time at home to learn fun new things like playing a new instrument. How about grab your pen and paper and take note of the string instruments you might find interesting today!


String instruments never go out of style and are perfect for playing anytime and anywhere. Take a look at the string family and see which instrument can catch your attention.


A violin is considered the baby among the orchestra string family, and is little but can produce high sounds. You could play it by resting the violin between your shoulder and chin. Hold the neck of the violin and change pitch by pressing the strings, while your other hand needs to either hold and strung the bow or pluck its strings. 


A cello, which measures 4 ft long, is a bit larger than a typical 24 inches violin. Beginner cello players are amazed at how it sounds because it can produce a human-like tone. Unlike the violin, the cello is too huge to rest on your shoulder and chin, so it is placed initially on the floor, between your knees, while its neck lies on your shoulder. 


If you are looking for thick strings to produce a warm and rich sound, the viola has it. It is good in giving harmony in an orchestra and played precisely, just like a violin. It typically measures two ft. long, which is quite easy to handle and play with.


A guitar is composed of six strings and played through plucking or strumming while pressing strings on different frets. Each fret has a varying tone, which is why a guitar can give you so many ways to explore music. You can opt to use a capo when playing it, depending on the tone of your music. It is a very flexible and mostly used string instrument.


A ukulele with four strings is commonly made of wood. You would notice that its shape is like a small version of a guitar but with lesser strings. This is also an easy-to-learn instrument, especially if you already know how to play bigger instruments. The way a guitar works is also the same way you should play the ukulele.


Have you picked your best bet yet to spend most of your time? Given the above choices, you can freely select and explore what string instrument would match your preference. It would help if you start with a small instrument first, like a ukulele, and improve from there. Just note that the most important thing when learning is commitment, motivation, and confidence that you could do it. When the process seems so hard, don’t be bothered and just keep going on.

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