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Dynamite: Chastity: Blood And Consequences

There is a particular sub genera among stories about Vampires and that is the sexy badass female Vampire hunter. Think Buffy, BloodRayne and sort of Underworld. The stories that have this one women who alone is strong enough to face down the forces of the night. Well if that is your sort of thing you are going to be a huge fan of Chastity: Blood and Consequences.

Chastity is a struggling actress in New York. All she wants to do is land that one big role, that and hunt Vampires. You see unlike most humans she is half-Vampire and this means she has al;l of their strengths, but none of their weaknesses. Like Blade (in the movies), armed with some awesome weapons, a no nonsense sense of fashion, a daredevil attitude and flame red hair out protagonist is ready to remind the world that no one kicks Vampire ass quite like a women.

One of the biggest appeals when reading this book is just how real the world feels. From the Hamilton posters in the background, to its very grounded approach at such an out there trope, this is a fantastic read and one I could not help but sink my teeth into.

If you love vampires you will love this. And the first five issues are available in this collection as of the 16th of June 2021.


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