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Dynamite: George R.R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings (Vol. 2) #13

It is issue 13 and the end is drawing near. Stannis and his forces are hitting Kings Landing with everything they got. Only Tyrion Lannister and his meager forces stand to defend the city. This is A Song of Ice and Fire at its best. Again I know a lot of you may be sick of this franchise, especially after how it ended, but these new books have helped reignite my passion for the series and I really hope it does the same for you.

Now fair warning,  there will be some minor spoilers ahead.

Sansa is far from having a great time as she is stuck beside the mother in law from hell and is facing death at the hands of a mod of vicious soldiers and that is the best case scenario. You would think that the idea of a group of women and children sitting around contemplating their doom would be boring but it is far from that. Grim and rather terrifying, but not boring. This particular part of the story is tense and filled with symbolism and it is utterly riveting and I could honestly sit and read an entire book of just this. But there is more for us to see.

If Sansa’s story was grim and subtle then Tyrions would be the exact opposite. There is no room for symbolism here, though we do have a tonne of gorgeous art work. And that art work shows off the savagery and brutality of mediaeval warfare perfectly. In the books and Tv series these are probably some of Tyrions best moments and it translates effortlessly to comics. You just cannot help but get sucked in and want to be there. Even though I despise House Lannister, even though I know how this ends and even though I would most certainly die – I still wish I could grab a sword and follow The Imp into battle.

The final part of the book is a lot calmer and we move back to Sansa and this where we really start to see her grow and mature. She has given up on the fairy-tale and embraced reality. Here she begins to find the courage that will take across the continent, though it is only a small amount, but it is there.

Another fantastic issue and that truly does the source material justice.









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