DEATH’S DINER: A Surreal Short Film

If you have been following this site for a whiile you will know that we are huge fans of Jenn Ravenna Tran, she is a wonderful artist who though talented strives to constantly work on and improve their work, Jen is known for her work in the video game industry but has recently been making waves by creating and directing her own films. One of which was the Kickstarter backed project And Then. And Then told the story of two artists in Tokyo suffering with insomnia who through the mess of this world managed to briefly each other. It is a really beautiful film, that though short managed to pull on my heart strings. Now Jenn Ravenna Tran is ready to show off her next project, Deaths Diner.

In the Kickstarters own words:

“Death’s Diner is a story about two lost souls and a grim reaper who works at a 24-hour diner, serving guests their last meal.”

This is a topic I love to see explored which is probably why some of my favourite stores are What Dreams May Come, The Seventh Seal, Coco, The Five People You Meet in Heaven and A Ghost Story. No one really knows what comes next and I guess I have always been drawn to these sorts of narratives. So, to find out that a director that I have become a huge fan of is making a film about Death and what comes next, well count me in.

There is a lot of great goodies on offer and all you need to do is back this project. To get a copy of the movie you will need to pay $25, but beyond that there is so much more. With the film already complete and a lot of cash flowing in this is a sure-fire success, so honestly you have nothing to lose.

And if the location for the diner is looking familiar that is because Death’s Diner was filmed at the iconic Twede’s Diner, the same location as the Double R Diner in Twin peaks.

How friken cool is that?

I could go on for hours about why you should back this, but seriously head over to their Kickstarter page and check it out for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed.


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