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Warhammer Are Finally Entering The World Of Animated Projects

This has bee coming for a long time but finally Games Workshop are bringing some of their properties to the screen. This week they announced quite a few projects but this is their flagship one and honestly I have quite a few questions…

So before I get into my questions I should probably fill you all in on what this project is about and maybe a little bit about Warhammer 40K in general.

40K is a table top game that sees fantasy races battle it out in a science fiction setting. Elves are now Aeldari, Orcs are now Orks, Humans have genetically enhanced super soldiers, the undead are a race of immortal machines known as the Necrons and Deamons are aliense from another reality that feel on our emotions. As the game expanded it began to create more and more non fantasy races, and even kill off its version of the Dwarves. One of these new races was the Tau Empire, who in some ways are ind of the good guys of the series, though even that is debatable.

The Tau are a young race who has managed to bring several over species under its direct control. They are dedicated to the idea of the greater good and will stop at nonthing to make this happen.

Exodite is going to be a Tau focused project and deals with the faces attempts to expand beyond their current boundaries.

So my first quest is why pick the Tau?

I think this is because the Tau like I said a re a recent edition to the game, well more recent than most only coming into the game in the early 2000’s this means they will have a lot less lore attached to them and will be a good jumping off point for newcomers.

My second is why Exodite. In the old 40K lore Exodies are Aeldari who choose to live on primitive worlds and shun technology. I wonder if this will play into the plot?

There is a lot that we are not certain about, all I know is I need to see this soon, because no matter how far I go I do not think I will ever be over my love for Warhammer. 

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