Amazon Puts Alexa Into Micheal B Jordan’s Body

The big game commercials are always great. Yes purists will argue that it should always be about the sport, but America is the greatest champion of Capitalism and what better display of capitalism is there than the Advertisement, now mix that with American Football and you have quite the epic combo. Speaking of Epic Combos Amazon imagines a world where they replace Alexa’s current shells with that of Micheal B Jordan. Lets just say I think if they could do this, they would have a major success on their hands.

The advert is utterly hilarious in concept but is made all the more brilliant by Jordan’s dead pan delivery of all of his lines as Alexa and of course the couple who employ his services. A couple made of a very happy wife and a very terrified, and rightfully so, husband.

Sadly, for me many others, this may be the future we are all headed for.

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