Kyoto To Hold Virtual Tours

2020 and 2021 have been less than inspiring, the global pandemic has taken fa to many lives. Some avoidable, some not avoidable, but not only that it has devastated so many sectors of industry – mostly tourism. Many local tourists boards are trying to encourage people living near by to embrace their own industry but other places have chose to go with a different method. 

Kyoto is one such place. If you are not familiar with this gem of a city then trust me you will want to take one of their virtual tours.

Once the capital of Japan currently the city is a gorgeous fusion of old and new. It is one of those cities that you could just spend hours wondering around and never get bored. I should know because I once got lost in it and just never bothered trying to figure out where I was.

So like me if you miss travelling and want some inspiration for where your next adventure is going to take you then you should sign up for one of Kyoto’s virtual tours taking place on Feb.4th, 10th, 11th.

To sign up please click the link here.

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