SNL Gives Us An Amazing Parody Of Stan

Does anyone else remember Stan?

You know the Eminem song about the obsessed fan that not introduced the world to Dido but also collectively blew us all away. I do remember that when it first came out BBC Radio 1 did a hilarious parody of it with some guy writing letters to Santa.

20 years later, yes Stan is 20 years old, and SNL have taken their own run at this classic tune.

Following a similar plot to the Radio 1 parody Stu see’s our protagonist, played by Pete Davidson demanding that Santa bring him a PS5. With a random Elton John appearance, anyone my age will get this joke, and an appearance by Eminem himself I am totally hooked. It is just a bit weird but utterly delightful and one of this seasons strongest skits. Hopefully this is a sign of more good things to come.

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