Anyone Want Some Adult Themed Play-Doh

I know so many adults who spent their lockdown getting into arts and crafts. My own partner got very into adult coloring books, which I might add are way less exciting than what I thought they would be. With the cold wet months upon us and another round of isolation’s and lock downs happening Hasbro have gone ahead and created an unusual little treat that may make the end of 2020 that much more bearable, Adult themed Play-Doh.

So how is this adult themed? (Sorry pervs its not sexy themed)

Well you can get such smells as Overpriced Latte, –Mom Jeans aka clean denim, Lord of the Lawn /fresh cut grass, Spa Day /floral, Grill King smoked meats and Dad Sneakers /rubber. 

To help differentiate the the flavors they come in a hang color scheme, red for meat, green for grass etc etc


For many of us this will be a fun little trip down memory lane and with Christmas coming up these will be the perfect stocking filler.

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