HyperX – Pulsefire Raid The Perfect Accessory To Get You Through Lockdown

Lockdown can be a rather tedious affair. You wake up in the morning and try and keep active yet all the Netflix and Disney+ in the world will never fill that void. So you try exercise but there really is a limit to that, after you move on and try some work round the house yet even that has limits. I say at times like these there is no better choice than to get into some good old fashioned PC gaming. There is nothing quite like throwing yourself into a PC game, one that not only lets you pass time but that also challenges you and makes the experience worth while.

Maybe you are going to try one of the many many FPS and Battle Royal games that are so popular, or maybe you want to use this abundance of free time to try out WOW Classic or perhaps you are like me and want to relive some of the old legendary Strategy games from the glory days of RTS. No matter what your reasons are I know that the HyperX – Pulsefire Raid is the perfect component to take your gaming to the next level.

Just so you know, yes I have actually used this mouse and I fully endorse it

I know some of you are probably thinking that it is just a mouse how can it really improve my gaming?

This mouse is so much more than your typical mouse. First off look at its gorgeous design and then notice it’s eleven programmable buttons, trust me if you are playing an MMO they come in handy, and a Premium Pixart 3389 Sensor with up to 16,000 DPI, this mouse provides precision and speed needed to deal with any difficult boss battle, the Raid can detect accurately at up to 16,000dpi and cover up to 450 inches per second.The Pulsefire Raid also provides players with a fully customizable RGB lighting and fits in perfectly with the new HyperX RGB mouse pad, the Fury ULTRA. I am well aware that I am plugging a second product here but the mouse was clearly designed with the pad, still it words superbly without it. (You do not even need to customize the lighting if unaltered it gently cycles through it’s lighting options which is very relaxing).

You will have figured that this mouse is the perfect piece of tech for any Hardcore Gamer, but maybe that isn’t you. Maybe you are more into playing Football Manager and chilling out, that is totally fine this lightweight, durable, ergonomically designed mouse will be perfect even for Casual gamer’s. It fits perfectly into your hand and is superior to most others on the market, you will never use your laptops tracker pad again. On a personal note I will add this, I am prone to getting pains in my hand, especially  if I am playing any game for any length of time, the shape and design of this mouse actually decreased that and really helped me get back into gaming.

Beyond that the mouse just looks gorgeous with a sleek design and ambient lights that change it will help bring some bling to your gaming setup. So if your going to be locked up why not give in and have some fun. If interested you can purchase yourself one from Amazon.



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