New AI Managed To Pull Words Out Of its Ass

I saw at least one group name this AI as “Dangerous” and if you are a grammar nazi then yes this would be quite terrifying. So what does it do?

This is an AI was created to generate words that do not exist. It also the words definitions to match them such as:

  • Hastely

    in a way that shows no inclination to follow or follow advice or laws; hurriedly; miserably

    “hastely executed terrorist bombings”


  • cybosis


    a type of cystitis in which the muscle fibers are infected, causing confusion and increased fluid retention

As you can see you would almost think these are real words, until closer inspection. If you are curious then all you need do is head to click on the New Word button and the site will generate a new word.

As fun as this is the actual tech behind it is utterly fascinating. The tech behind the AI sifts through millions of web pages, news sites, reddit, Facebook, Twitter all of it  and runs an Algorithm. The algorithm is based on a natural language algorithm Transformers. This is used to predict writing that is nearly indistinguishable from a human. So the AI takes this information and it uses it to generate new words and new sentences. It is fascinating.

Though fascinating there is a minor disclaimer at the bottom of the screen stating: Words are not reviewed and may reflect bias in the training set.

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