My Top 10 Dance Scenes In Non Dance Movies

As today is International Dance Day I just felt that this article would be quick and fun. The rules are simple it has to be a dance scene from a film that is not necessarily about dance. 

The Joker Goes Wild – Batman 1989

Had to kick my list off with this one why?

Because it’s Batman you idiot!

Also it is Jack Nicholson, his child hood best friend, Prince and the type of shit I would get up to if I was a super villain.

Austin Powers 2 – Would Do This If I Could

The intro to Austin Powers 2, was truly a weird and wonderful one. With music by the late great Quincy Jones and way to many naughty jokes for me to count I just love this scene and have walked round the house, not nude, humming the music on more than one occasion.

It’s A Wonderful Life – It Is Kinda Sweet

I had to put a cute one in here somewhere…

Little Miss Sunshine And A Family Affair

The entire film has been building up to this moment and what happens is not what you expect, but you are going to laugh.

The Inbetweeners – Admit It This Was You

By now everyone should be familiar with this, it is legendary, it is piratically a meme now and it is every teenage boy on the dance floor.

Breakfast Club – That Scene

Though I wanted Footloose or Dirty Dancing to hold this spot but they are dance movies and also they lack Emilio thus this one is best.

500 Days Of Summer – You Make My Dreams Come True

I know this film has recently been looked at in a rather darker light but nothing can talk away from the sheer upbeat love I have for this scene. 

What The Hell Is Going On- Napoleon Dynamite

I do not think anyone saw this coming and that is what made it bloody awesome, if you have not seen Napoleon Dynamite go watch it before watching this clip.

American Psycho a Death To Jared Leto

And now for our runner up, only coming in 2nd place because there is very little dancing in the scene, but it is my list and I wll allow it.

A Night at The Roxbury – As Much As Possible

This film had to be my number one pick and if you have never seen it just know that it is Will Ferrell at his best, it is silly and has an amazing sound track. A Night At The Roxsbury never fails to cheer me up and of course there is a hell of a lot of ass grabbing too.

So did I miss anything?

What would you have wanted on this list?


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