Halsey Shows The World That She Loves Overwatch

I really am a judgmental prick, I saw these pictures and I was gentlemanly surprised that Halsey was an Overwatch fan. I guess I am still in the mindset that cool and attractive people can not be nerdy, I mean that is totally my thing being the uncool and unattractive guy. Granted like 95% of the time I am past that just every now and again I get surprised.

In yesterdays post she decided to show the world that she was chilling out in a Dva themed bikini complete with Dva headset and a pair of gloves – the same as the character would wear.

In true Dva fashion she managed to be totally adorkable with some sex appeal but at the end of the day she is clearly having fun and living her best life.

I am not surprised she is a Dva fan but who else do you think she plays as?

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