Any Nendoroid Fan Will Enjoy This Short Documentary

For the uninitiated, do not call Neroids toys, people will want to kill you. They are collectible figures, trust me there is a difference. The Nendoroid series is a brand that was created by the Japanese Good Smile company way back in 2006. The series is known to depict characters from anime and video games, but others such as Hatsune Miku have also been featured.

The figures are made from ABS and PVC, they are designed in a chibi / super deformed style. Not only are they adorable but their faces and other body parts are interchangeable this helps give them a range of different possible expressions and poses. The brand is massive and if you where ever curious to see what goes into making one then check out the video below.

So do you have any Nendoroids, or are you like me and just glad to avoid collecting another product?

Btw if you are ever in Japan and are looking to buy some of these adorable toys for yourself then you should check our list of 10 Nerdy Shops to visit in Japan.

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