True Damage Are A Certified Hit

As I type this the video has over 4.5 million views and was only propped yesterday. Following on from their success with K/DA – which saw Riot Games turn 4 of their heroes into Pop Stars, Riot have decided to create a new group, this one themed around Hip-Hop. In lore, after K/DA, Akali set out to recruit a new group. That group is True Damage – who are dedicated to a Hip Hop sound. Other than her the group includes Yasuo as DJ, and Ekko, Senna and Qiyana.

As with K/DA and all their other previous music videos this one is fast paced, stylish and oh so fun to watch. In fact the only thing that beats this is seeing the live version of it at the World Finals. Of course all five members of True Damage each have their own unique skins for purchase. Personally I still prefer K/DA but this video might change my mind.

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