How Much Do You Really Know About the Fast and the Furious?

Anyone else here looking forward to the new Fast and the Furious movie?

I love the fast and the furious franchise, I do not know why but I do. Back in 2001 I had no interest in learning to drive, honestly I was just happy to get a train and sit and read as the world went by. Then one Saturday night I was dragged to the cinema to see a film I had never heard of and I had no interest in seeing, The Fast and the Furious. Fifteen year old me suddenly wanted to learn to drive and fifteen year old me was utterly enthralled with The Fast and The Furious. I would later drag my friends to see 2 Fast 2 Furious and even go see Tokyo Drift on my own, because I was that hard core of a fan. I know they are not the best films but I still love them. So if your someone like me then you are going to love The Facts and The Furious.

The site contains all sorts of wonderful facts, like have you ever wondered how often Vin Diesel talks about family or how often Corona features on screen, well look no further because this site has all the juicy details that any die hard fan will desire.

So if like me you are pumped up for the newest addition to the Fast and Furious family, why not take a little stroll down memory lane and check out all the stats for the previous seven films. Trust me it will not disappoint you.




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