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So Izombie Is Finally Over…

Warning Spoilers Ahead

Ending things is a tricky business it can be almost universally loved as with Avengers: End Game or it can be diversive as with Game Of Thrones. Pleasing fans is never easy, especially when fandom’s can be so hardcore. One series in 2019 that has also ended is Izombie, if any of you have been following this site you will know that since day 1 we have been in love with this show. We where there at its premier during SXSW, went to its panels at SDCC, read the books and followed the show intently from week to week. I know I am not the only one who has been watching the adventures of Olivia “Liv” Moore, Clive Babineaux, Ravi Chakrabarti, Major Lilywhite and Peyton Charles and I know I am not the only one who will miss them.

The show combined emotional highs, lows, some great whit and some of the best writing that Tv can give us. Anyone who watched it would quickly realize that Izombie was brought to us by the creative team behind Veronica Mars. Both shows had the same great quirky dialogue and engrossing story lines. The only difference is one had Zombies and the other didn’t.

If you are some how unfamiliar with Izombie then I will fill you in. Liv Moore had the perfect life, a best friend, a great fiance and fantastic job prospects but after one bad party she lost it all. At said life altering party a lot of people started taking a new synthetic drug called Utopian, mixed with a brand new energy drink known as Max Rager – a company who where sponsoring the party – it created a zombie virus one that would leave her as one of the few survivors from that party After this she would shut herself off from the world and take a job in the local morgue, to give her easy access to brains. Here she would become best friends with Dr Ravi Chakrabarti and develop a partnership with Detective Clive Babineaux.

Now you may be wondering how did she end up helping a detective?

With every brain she ate she would gain some of that persons memories and even a few of their personality traits too, which would sometimes lead to hilarious consequences, like the time she was a horny artist, a drag queen, a super hero and a douche bag car salesman. This memory access would help give her access to the victims final memories, thus allowing her to figure out who the killer was.

Of course it would not all be fun with friends she would also meet and develop a fierce hatred/ rivalry for fellow party survivor Blaine Anders. Blaine was possibly one of Tv’s best villains. He was crafty, funny, a lil campy, stylish, smart and utterly ruthless. This was partly down to the writing and partly down to the amazing performance by David Anders. Many fans would compare him to Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I myself would find apt. 

The series would see Liv and her allies desperately try and contain Zombies before eventually loosing and turning Seattle into a Rogue Zombie State. Maybe I am naive but the final few seasons used Zombies as a great way to symbolise race and religious issues in the modern western world. After all we repeatedly see that Zombies are just people, ones who wanted to live free and normal lives, but due to people prejudgist’s they kept being pushed, until they pushed back and then everything reached a point of no return.

So the final episode would see Seattle being torn apart by human and zombie supremacists all the while our heroes try and save everyone. On top of all this the American military was trying to wipe Seattle off the map and the local government had officially been overthrown. On the small scale Clive was out of action because his wife was in labor, while Payton had been kidnapped by Blaine, meaning out heroes where seriously short staffed. This is where the cracks start to appear.

The final episode should have been split in two. Maybe I am just saying this because honestly I am not ready to say goodbye to these guys just yet, I have come to know them and look forward to our weekly meets, it really is sad that the show is over and unfortunately it’s ending will never satisfy me. Everything was going great until the final scenes. i could actually forgive the entire final episode if it was not for the fact that the final scenes where all a flash forward with the “surviving” characters on a talk show where we are told the fates of everyone through exposition. 

We find out that Clive and Dale Bozzio are both police Captains in San Francisco where they have a child together, while they adopted Clive’s son that he had from a one night stand. Peyton is a DA in Atlanta while Ravi has not only been rehired by the CDC – who once fired him, he is now in charge of the CDC. Meanwhile Liv and Major finally got back together and are living a quiet life in hiding with the orphans that they took in years earlier. Also Blaine and his right hand man are forever stuck together at the bottom of a well, which is probably fitting.

The final episode did have some nice pay off, such as Liv and Major finally admitting how they feel for each other, Blaine finally getting his just deserts, the revel of what happened to Don E’s one true love, we finally got the cure and the big villain was also killed off. But it was not enough I wanted more and everything felt like it was happening to quick and maybe it wrapped up a little to neatly. I guess the issue is that this series never did a bad or dull episode it was always good so we ended up having an ending that just could not sate our hunger. 

Still if you have 70 brilliant episodes and 1 mediocre one I guess as a fan I cannot complain?

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