Supergirl From Skirt To Pants

We all knew this was coming and as much as I am a fan of the classic stuyle it is about time for Supergirl to get a new and more modern look. Though looking back this change really isn’t a big surprise, if we look at her earlier costumes you will notice that the skirt was obviously pretty prevalent. But in her later variants, such as the evil Nazi and Battle armour looks, I think it is pretty obvious that this change in particular was coming.

Honestly I am a fan of the original costume, because I am a fan of Supergirl, but this new look is really well done and I am an easy convert. Not only is it more mature but the new suit looks more uniform than costume and yes it lacks the certain friendliness that the other had. But that wont be an issue because Melissa Benoist has an effortlessly friendly charm that can overcome almost anything. So yes this new Supergirl might look a lot more serious but i am sure she will still be the girl of steel that we have always loved.

In the end it looks pretty awesome and I am happy with the final product, wonder how the fans will react?

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