Top 10 Anime Wifu’s

I decided to put together a top 10 Wifu list. Though I quickly ran into problems – there are way to many underage girls in anime. It is really weird how difficult I found to put together a list of women about the age of 18 and I know I broke that rule at least once. I guess the problem with anime is that so many of the series are based around teenage characters who are surprisingly compelling and interesting but due to my rule I have opted to leave both Zero Two and Yuuki Asuna off of my list. Both are awesome women but I just felt a little weird about it. I guess I really am showing my age.

So here we go…

10: Sadayo Kawakami

So she is the kind of teacher that moonlights as a “personal maid” she is still a pretty awesome lady. Kawakami is every boys dream teacher and unlike most in her profession she is even willing to help you commit a few major crimes, how can anyone replace this women?

While most Persona 5 players are chasing Ann I always had a special place for this Senei. 

9: Irisviel von Einzbern

She may only be an artificial human but Irisviel is willing to go toe to toe with some of histories most powerful heroes. She may be soft spoken but under beautiful exterior lies the heart of a fighter, someone who will never back down and someone willing to fight.

8:  Panty and Stocking

Two Angels who where kicked out of heaven for bad behavior. Ye do not expect any witty conversation from these two but you are going to have a lot of fun…

7:  Mikasa Ackerman

Look the women zip-lines through the air as she fights and kills giant humanoid monsters, how is that not awesome. She never worries about her sexuality or her looks and never lets her gender define her. Mikasa is awesome,

6: Rin

This is where I break my own rule as Rin is way to young at the start of the series, but with a time jump and no perverse thoughts all can be forgiven. Rin is relentless, in the war for the Holy grail this women makes risk after risk gaining ground where others would falter. And when she is not being a badass mage she is also a straight A student/Idol, who would not want to fight for this women?

5: Mirajane Strauss

A beautiful magical bartender who has the ability to shape shift, do i need to explain any more?

4: Riza Hawkeye

One of the many snipers that where considered for my list, Riza Hawkeye beat them all. Riza thrives in a world dominated by men and people with fantastical abilities. Not only that but she loves dogs, how could this women not be on my list.

3: Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia

I have absolutely no idea how to properly pronounce this women’s name but like man others on my list Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia manages to thrive where others would falter. She may be a paraplegic but that does not her back and she proves herself to be a stern yet kind hearted leader and one of the most powerful magic users of her generation. 

2: Irina Jelavić

Look she is a deadly and beautiful assassin, what more do you want?

1: Misato Katsuragi

And it always comes back to this, Misato Katsuragi. Yes to all those Neon Geniuses fans that argued over it’s two teenage female leads you where all always wrong Misato is the clear winner. A fierce women who enjoys a good pint how can anyone top her?

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