Feel The Force With Her Universe

Her Universe filled a necessary hole in the market place. For years women had been ignored by nerd culture and with the appearance of Her Universe things really began to change. Now I wont say that Her Universe where the first to create feminine geek clothing, but they where the first to bring it on mass to the main stream and at a decent price. Not only that but they helped make being a nerd more fashionable.

With Star Wars Celebration only a few days away Her Universe have released the amazing these pieces inspired by the women of the Star wars Universe. Including but not limited to Hera, Ahsoka, Leia and Padme though strangely no Jyn Erso. Some are pretty obvious, while others are very subtle making it perfect for the proud nerd and subtle fashionista out there. Honestly I am kind of jealous(Stupid Y chromosome). So if you are curious about these designs or want to see the schedule for the Her Universe booth at Star Wars Celebration, then check out all of the info here.

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