Persona Look’s To Be An Interesting Project

Netflix is getting a little experimental with this new project. Persona is a Korean anthology film series that will star K-Pop singer-songwriter Lee Ji-eun, better known as IU. She will star in 4 short films directed by 4 of South Korea’s top directors, Lee Kyung-mi, Im Pil-sung, Jeon Go-woon and Kim Jong-kwan. Each film will see IU play a different character each story will have their directors own unique filming style layered on thickly. 

Persona’s four films are as follows:

  •  Love Set – Lee Kyung-mi, depicts a very competitive tennis match.
  • Collector – Im Pil-sung, Is about a beautiful women that men cannot resist revealing all too .
  • Kiss Burn – Jeon Go-woon, depicts a girls revenge against her friends father.
  • Walking at Night – Kim Jong-kwan, is set in the dreams of a couple.

The idea is interesting and one that I look forward to watching.


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