The World Needs More John Mulaney Movie Reviews

I love movies, I love to break them down and analyze them, yet none of this even comes close to the genius that is John Mulaney. He has a habit of breaking down random films and looking at some of their issues, which I just find hilarious. First up is Home Alone 2, which I loved as a child but now as an adult, who has been to New York I do see the issues. I know that no film is perfect but sometimes a little scrutiny can lead to some seriously funny consequences.

This is most obvious in his look at Back to the future. Ever since I was a kid I have always wondered why Marty and the Doc where even friends, but John takes it a step further by reminding us that Doc Brown is also a disgraced nuclear physicist, over and over again. That and he goes into some of the weirder plot points that make up the story of this “family movie”.

If you like these then you need to check out his opinions on Law and Order SVU.

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