Check Out The Sword Art Online Themed Cafe

I have spoken about this a few times already but if you are an anime fan and in Japan you need to check out any Tower Records with it’s own cafe. Last winter the Cafe’s where all themed around Captor’s while this year it was Sword Art Online Alicization. Alicization is the latest part of the SAO franchise and it looks to be as popular as all previous members. The cafe’s had the usual standees and themed foods, our favorite was the Kirito themed drink, which was some sort of very fancy cherry cola, you can see it in 2 of the pictures below. As well as food they also had a pretty awesome selection of merchandise, there was clothing, CD’s, wall scrolls, stationary and a few miscellaneous items.

Keep an eye out we will have a video out soon showcasing everything on offer.

These cafe’s are always worth visiting because some of the bigger ones like in Tokyo and Osaka tend to keep older stock from previous themes, which always gives you the chance to grab more limited edition goodies.


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