Critical Role Continues To Cross All Boundries

We are just entering week 3 of the Critical Role Kickstarter and it continues to smash all records. Currently they sit at just over $7.5 Million, it is looking like The Legend of Vox Machina will continue to exceed all expectations. Since they have now for this vast sum of money at their disposal they have now unlocked eight episodes of astonishing animated awesomeness. 

So what does that leave our favorite voice actors?

Well first off they are going to host an out of this world battle royale that will possible include  Felicia Day, Will Friedle, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Wil Wheaton, Noelle Stevenson, and Patrick Rothfuss.

Secondly is their final stretch goal of $8.8M, if they raise the capital for this the the fans will be treated to two more episodes, which takes us to ten. (Also a one-shot GMed by the always awesome Ashley Johnson.

So Critters start following my lead and get all your friends hooked on Critical Role!



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