Check Out Sailor Marvel

You just got to love it when the internet does a great mash-up, especially when that comes from a place of love. Love her or Hate her Brie Larson did a great job as Captain Marvel and that has gone on to inspire a lot of people online.  Some for bad others for good. Artist Drachea Rannak is from the latter, knowing that Brie Larson was a Sailor Moon fan growing up Drachea created this very gorgeous combination of Captain Marvel and Sailor Moon.

This in a way makes sense because lets face it growing up in most action series women played second fiddle to then men, Sailor Moon was different. Ok in the early days she was not your typical hero but she did evolve and become stronger, like anyone else could. Sailor Moon helped pave the way for female led series and it does deserve a little more recognition in the west for that.

Not only did she create Sailor Marvel but the extremely talented artist went ahead and combined Luna and Goose, which is just bloody adorable. I am openly saying this and I’m not really a cat person.

The icing on the cake is that Brie Larson herself has taken notice and retweeted the artist.

If you want to see more by this talented artist check out their Twitter and Instagram I am already a follower on both.


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