All Pokemon In The New Detective Pikachu Trailer

With the new Detective Pikachu trailer came quite a few surprises. Not quite the original 150 Pokemon but still the new trailer does bring us close to that level. Being the sad bastard that I am I decided to go through the trailer and attempt to get as many “clear” shots of each Pokemon as possible. 

Of course there is Pikachu, lets face it, the film would be kind of difficult without him. Still he looks adorable in that tiny hat.

This is one of the ones that had me excitted. I am a huge Flareon fan. I always had one in my team and is my natural pick for Eevee. So I am very pleased to see it in the movie. Of course these are only two of the many that the trailer showed us. For the rest please look below.


And to finish it off please see a Blastoise taking on a group of Ghost Pokemon.

Did I miss any? Comment below.

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