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This newest issue is a fine continuation to the groundwork set in issue one. This newest issue see’s the appearance of some of our old favorites Drusilla, the self-proclaimed Mistress and her pet, Spike. Of course Spike is still his handsome British self, granted they are only teased but this tease was enough to have us drooling.

Back at school Buffy, Willow and Xander are all struggling with their own personal issues. Buffy, who is be haunted by some pretty terrifying dreams is worried that her life as a Slayer will leave her more isolated, while Willow wishes she was more like Cordelia and Xander he just feels like a loser. These changes are pretty significant and actually in my opinion, welcomed.

Yes Willow is a far cry from that adorkable girl from the pilot episode, this Willow is more confident and officially out. So how did they make her more three dimensional, they made Cordelia her very one sided rival, someone that she wishes she could be more like. Also in this series Cordelia is not only the beautiful girl from the series, but she is smart, charming and actually nice. This I can get behind, because unlike the original Cordelia this new one is likable enough to actually be popular.

Xander worrying about being a loser is again more realistic, because in the original series it wasn’t till he ended up living in his moms basement with Spike that this became an issue, this Xander is one that is thoughtful but the kind of guy not to complain. Meanwhile Buffy well she is a lot more vulnerable that her original counterpart.Another big change is Buffy’s mom having a boyfriend, it is a minor change but another way to differentiate between the two series, though I wonder is this a case of Checkovs gun.

Another solid issue in what is fast becoming one of my favorite series, ye I am a firm convert to the Buffy comic.

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