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Overwatch Just Treated Us To Their Newest Hero

Any keen eyes fans would have known this coming for a while. It’s officially that time of year again; Overwatch are about to drop their latest character. It is with great honor that I am happy to introduce you to the Haitian combat medic Baptiste!

Last week he was teased with a security report detailing how a Talon operative has gone rogue, it is this rogue that has become our latest hero. A little lore dump for you all but Talon are a terrorists group in the world of Overwatch and one that contains characters like Doomfist, Reaper, Widowmater and also sometimes employs Sombra. They are undoubtedly evil but their intentions may not be. It seems that they are proponents of Darwinism and push for strength through conflict.

Baptiste is an orphan, one of millions created by the Omnic War. The Omnic war is when humanities thinking machines rose up against humanity and this is what eventually led to the formation of Overwatch. He would eventually become a soldier of fortune and then eventually his talents would be noticed by Talon. The character has a lot of depth in that we know he regretted his time there and has now struck out to forge his own path. The addition of a Haitian is another fantastic touch for the game. I know a lot of fans where hoping for more diversity and lets face it Haiti is a beautiful yet often overlooked place. So this DPS Support hybrid from Haiti will be a welcomed addition to the Overwatch family.

Just to confirm the Haitian background is currently an assumption, based on the rumor of  of Haitian-Canadian actor Benz Antoine being the voice behind Baptiste. On Antoine’s Twitter feed, there’s a photo of him doing voice work for something, though he never said what. All we can say is that he was recording at Sound Lounge in New York City, which has worked with Overwatch in the past. I guess time will tell.

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