Minerablu Brings Their Skillz to Katsucon 2019

It’s truly a great thing that I get to round our February with another frankly fantastic film from Minerabu’s Youtube channel. This time round the always marvelous Minerablu hits up Katsucon in style, bring their usual flare to the cosplay scene.

I wonder if I enjoy these videos to much, they are the perfect mix of style and substance. Minerablu’s craft is certainly improving. I just loved this shot of 2B. 

One of the major appeals of this video is the addition of Cosplayer’s that I am a huge fan of, both Jessica Nigri and Stellachu popped up in this one and seriously that is a major selling point to me.

As you all know I am a huge fan of all things Ahri related especially her KDA skin.


If you are a Cosplay fan and never heard of Jessica Nigri, I really wonder how much of a fan are you?

So seriously if you are a fan of Western Comics, The MCU, Anime, Manga, Gaming or just great craftsmanship then you really need to check out this video.


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