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What can I say “Beyond The Grid” has really taken me by surprise. I am still not sure where the series is going but this latest issue really struck me as relevant, especially with it’s two major running themes That of responsibility and of forgiveness.

We all know the quote, “with great power comes great responsibility.” In this instance power does not refer to the raw power that our Rangers posses but to the knowledge and skills that their comrades have. It is easy to forget that there where dozens of other Rangers who where taken in the battle with Lord Drakkon. Sadly they lost their powers and connection to the Morphing Grid, in the face of such loss many of us would have given up, but it seems our former Rangers continue to prove that they are more than their powers. The powerless ones are now going out and helping to both form and arm a resistance. I do like this idea because it is easy for all of us to stand by and think we are powerless, yet that is rarely ever true.

The second theme that drew me in was forgiveness. We live in a cold and reactionary world one where people are not allowed to atone for their sins. The issues gives us the dialogue of;

“But hey, if we don’t let people grow and change, how could we live.”

No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. People do need punished for this mistakes but no matter what if the person is capable of atoning then they should be given that chance.

Along the way we also get a glimpse into the every day lives of these Rangers. With Grace and Kim doing everything possible to hold their faction together, we see them eating, training and even forming relationships. I know it sounds rather mundane but these little touches really help make the entire situation seem that little bit more real.

And this is all set against the backdrop of a dying universe. Yes even with stakes that high the series has managed to bring the human aspect into it. This is what makes this series so great and makes it worth reading.



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