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God Emperor Trump Descends Upon Italy

I know there will be many out there who will see me talking about this as me getting political and in this instance its a firm NO. I am talking about this because it’s me going all Warhammer 40k fan boy. Love him or hate him Donald Trump has quite the ego on him, weather or not he deserves this is not up to me, I will let you all decide but the choice to depict him as the God Emperor of Mankind is quite the spectical.

If you are are not up to date on who the God Emperor is then sit back while I give you a very brief info dump. Warhammer 40k is set during the 41st millennium where mankind sits as the dominant, but contested universal super power. The nominal leader of the human race is it’s God Emperor. The Emperor is an Immortal Psychic who has guided humanity to its absolute pinnacle. Glossing over a few thousand years of history he created powerful near unstoppable armies and immortal sons to help build his new Empire. He wiped out all religion, destroyed several alien empires and generally made humanity the top dogs on the block.

Sadly one of his sons lead a rebellion against him, in the end he would kill his son while being badly wounded himself. As of the 41st millennium the God Emperor is kept alive by a very complex life support unit. Ironically the life long atheist is now worshiped as a God, even in his near comatose state.

So making trump into this format at the 147th Viareggio Carnival Parade was quite the show. He is even complete with his own Twitter themed sword (instead of the eagles that it should be). Of course that statue is not just a dig at Mr Trumps ego, it is also an insult towards Space Force. The creator if the display had this to say:

“Donald wants to go back to the moon, travel to Mars and create the first space army,” Mr Galli said. “Ultras Marines? Mega Marines? The time of intellectuals, philosophers and of old and worn culture is over. We have entered the era of fantasy, and virtual life.”

He added, “the Master-Drone flies over the Viareggio boardwalk as we prepare to pay the price.”

The statue was made for the Carnevale Di Viarreggio, an annual festival, known for its papier-mâché sculptures, with about 600,000 people attending in Tuscany.

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