So Who Do You Think Will Win Big At The 2019 Oscars?

This years Oscars have already been pretty interesting, and that’s without the ceremony even taking place. Honestly I had nearly forgotten about all the drama that came with Kevin Hearts departure as host until I was sitting in Frankfurt airport trying to think of what write next post when I heard a couple arguing over what and who should win best actor, it should be noted that the girl was very much in favour of all things Bradley Cooper … I wonder why?

(Never mind I think it was the sex appeal apparently women are into Bradley Cooper)

This got me thinking, who are the top contenders for this year’s Oscars?

This lead me down a little bit of a rabbit hole because it occurred to me people are probably starting to pick out their favorites with the Oscars only a few weeks away. Sports Betting Dime already has early odds on who is likely to win in each of the major categories. Some of the favorites are easy to spot while others are a bit more debatable.

So down the rabbit hole I will go because at this rate I just do not think I can be stopped.

Of course, we will begin with our leading men and women and since I am an old-fashioned Gentleman, I have to say ladies first. Our five nominees are:

  • Glenn Close

  • Olivia Colman

  • Lady Gaga

  • Yalitza Aparicio

  • Melissa McCarthy

Lets face it out of the 5 there are really only two worth looking at, Glenn Close and Olivia Colman. Though Glenn Close is the front runner for best Actress I can’t help but think this may be Olivia Colmans year. The lady has range from comedic roles in Peep Show and Hot Fuzz to more dramatic turns like in Broadchurch it’s hard to deny she isn’t this years dark horse.

As for the men, well that one is going to be harder to call.

  • Rami Malek

  • Christian Bale

  • Bradley Cooper

  • Viggo Mortensen

  • Willem Dafoe

All 5 actors did amazing work in their roles and all 5 are amazing in general but my money has to be with Rami Malek. Down to three reasons:

  1. He was brilliant in Bohemian Raphsody

  2. He is so good in Mr Robot

  3. And finally, he was one of the first people we ever interviewed for this site and is just a really nice guy.

So yes, I am completely biased, but that does not mean that I am wrong!

As for directors, well it saddens me that once again it is a category filled with men but at least this year we have some diversity even if we know who the winner is going to be:

  • Alfonso Cuaron –

  • Spike Lee

  • Adam McKay

  • Yorgos Lanthimos

  • Pawel Pawlikowski

Yes, you guessed it, I am assuming it is going to be Alfonso Cuaron, Roma is the front runner in so many categories this year and that is down to the great work by Alfonso, he should win and let’s face it we will probably take home best foreign language film too.

As I draw to the end of this, I guess it’s only right that I look at best picture, of course it is kind of a big deal. I am still shocked that the fish porn that was Shape of Water (a film I really like) managed to win last year, thankfully this year is a little more tame.

  • Roma –

  • Green Book

  • A Star is Born

  • The Favourite

  • BlacKkKlansman

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

  • Black Panther

  • Vice

Right off the bat I see a lot of strong contenders, though I doubt Black Panther will win, I just don’t think the academy takes comic book movies seriously. In the End Roma is the front Runner but A Star is born is universally loved and Green Book is culturally significant, so I think this category is far from decided.

The only other category that really interests me is best animation. Why do I care so much?

Well this is the category that the academy usually mess up on. This year Into the Spiderverse has to win, not only did the film have a diverse cast, gorgeous animation, a compelling story, great soundtrack and Nic cage but it was just balls to the wall epic, so I am sorry Pixar but you can’t have this one. (Also, I am kind of annoyed that Sunflower was not nominated for best song which is probably going to be a race between All the Stars and Shallow, in my humble opinion.)

This should be an interesting ceremony with multiple films hitting multiple categories yet we still see a severe lack of female talent on display, here’s hoping 2020 rectifies that, until then I am cheering on Olivia Coleman.

(Full disclosure here I am actually putting money on Olivia Coleman I am that confident she will pull off a win)

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