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Amouranth Takes On The Birdbox Challenge

With the release of Birdbox came the Birdcbox Challenge. Originally this originated in In Australia when Netflix partnered with four Twitch streamers in performing what they called a Bird Box challenge, where they would play some popular video games while blindfolded. However, the challenge has since turned into a global Internet meme in which participants wear blindfolds while trying to do day-to-day activities. The latest person to attempt this challenge is Amouranth who takes the challenge on with her usual level of madhouse sexiness and the results are pure entertainment.

As usual this one just involves the general public freaking out at what she does. Either they are completely confused or they are just perving, sometimes it is a little of both. All that matters is the lady seems to be really enjoying herself and that is what makes these videos great. If you enjoyed this then check out a few of the links below.






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