The Avengers 4 Trailer Is Finally Here

The wait is over it’s finally here, the First trailer for the fourth Avengers film. Of course we get a trailer that shows us absolutely nothing, yet it showed us a lot. I am a little annoyed because at this point you think they would know that we don’t need teased.

The trailer opens with a beaten and broken Tony Stark alone in space, though I presume Nebula is nearby. He is recording himself, discussing what has happened and trying to make sense of it all.

Next we see where Thanos has gone, he has hung up his armour, yet he still wears the Infinity Gauntlet and he seems to have labored and exhausted steps.

Finally we see the rest of the Avengers and they are doing pretty bad themselves, we even see a tearful Captain America. I find this to be very important because for all the macho bravado that the Avengers have shown us this is the first truly vulnerable moment we have ever seen. Do not get me wrong we have seen Marvel characters be emotional before, but this is short term and always leads to a reaction, Cap has always been different. He has always been wiling to wear his emotions on his sleeve and here it shows, which is a great message for any young men out there.

The moment many of us where waiting for, the return of Hawkeye. Though now he appears in his Ronin suit and he has been stripped of everything that made him Hawkeye, even his general look is different, here is not the man we knew, but someone scarred and angry a much more violent character. 

Finally the moment of truth we get to see the name for the final Avengers Film:

Avengers Endgame

I am not 100% sold on the title but I think it will grow on me

Finally we see Scott Lang, who has made his way to Avengers HQ, though I wonder where we will go from there …

It was only a teaser but this one really got us all excited, it is going to be a hard wait but 2019 will be worth it.

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