What If Danny DeVito voiced Pikachu

I’m not a scientist but if you do not want to see the Detective Pikachu film you have no soul and are probably scum, I am not being judgement just stating the facts. On the other hand even if you are fully on the hype train for Detective Pikachu you will admit that the film could be improved and how could we improve it, by replacing the sexy tones of Ryan Reynolds with the awesomeness of Danny DeVto.

If you are wondering why this was done, well back when the film was first announced the fans campaigned to have DeVito voice the electric mouse and if your wondering why, well then your a fool, the why is because its dam logical that’s why.

So to give us all a glimpse at a world where Danny DeVito voiced Pikachu Youtuber Wesley Insley has taken some of  DeVito’s dialogue from It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia and used it to replace Ryan Reynolds in the Detective Pikachu trailer, the results are simply brilliant. 

This is truly the Pikachu that we all need.

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