Overwatch: Who Is Echo ?

With the latest Overwatch cinematic we not only got a preview for the upcoming hero Ashe but we have been teased with another possible hero, Echo. To set things up in the cinematic we see McCree trick his old gang into robbing a train over the infamous route 66, this was all so he could obtain a mysterious crate, a crate that contained the new mysterious Pseudo-Omnic Echo.

We know that her and McCree go back, at least to before he lost his arm, as she seemed perplexed at the missing limb. Not only that she genuinely seems to care about him, that and he did call her partner, which makes me wonder where does she fit in with the Overwatch timeline?

I am curious if she was even part of Overwatch because she did not seem to know who Winston was, at least when McCree called him the Monkey, though perhaps she was not distinguish people that way and he did tell her that they where “Where getting the band back together” which makes me think she was once part of Overwatch. We do know that she has been in the works for a while, after-all she appeared on several early pieces of concept art under the name Iris. We also know that she is one of six characters being worked on so she probably will not be the next hero, but she will be out sooner rather than later.

Finally we can assume with a name like Echo she will either have sound based powers, or duplication based powers. Either way I am pumped to see how they make her work. Though on saying that her original powers where support and attack powers, so I may be wrong.


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