Overwatch: Reunion Breakdown

With Blizzcon 2018 over it’s time we talk about some of the newest goodeis that the Boys and Girls from Blizzard have offered the world and first up is their newest Overwatch cinematic Reunion.

Route 66 is one Overwatch’s most fun and iconic levels, it has one team trying to loot a train wreck while the other defends it. Though in game it never explains how things got that way. This short film not only does this but helps display how awesome McCree is, introduce us to Ashe and Bob (Hero 29) while teasing a future upcoming hero. It does all this while being entertaining, so yes this is one you need to watch. Below are a few of my highlights from the short. If I missed anything comment below.

Right from the start we new something unusual was going to happen in this short. 

Check out this guys tattoo if I am not mistaken that is the Queen of Blades herself, from Starcraft.

You will notice the name Deadlock popping up, this was McCree’s old gang one that he helped run with Ashe.

And now fans finally know what happened at Route 66

I loved this little tribute to the old Spaghetti Westerns, with the oil dripping down Bob’s brow

Any Overwatch fan worth their salt knows what goes down at High Noon.

Fun fact the dialogue for Ashe’s special came from this moment in the cinematic.

Well this just looks awesome…

We finally meet Echo. Echo is someone who has a lot of history with McCree and she will be an upcoming hero, just not hero 30.

A brief shot of Ashe and McCree in their younger days

Again this guy just know’s he looks epic. If you disagree with me let me just remind you, he is a cyborg cowboy that just took out a gang of humans and robots, freed the girl and is now riding off into the desert a stolen hover bike, name one thing about that sentence that isn’t cool.

So what did you think of the latest cinematic?

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