Overwatch: What I Think Of Ashe

Every few months the Blizzard development team bring us a brand new Overwatch hero, mix that in with seasonal events, random Loot Boxes, a fantastic and ever evolving story and you have one of the best games of the moment. Overwatch’s newest hero is Ashe and this Southern Belle may be as pretty as an angel but she is going to be right from the fires of Hell.

The daughter of two very rich parents through them Ashe learned how to lead people and command respect, just she never learned anything about connecting with others, given everything she could ever physically want she now takes what she needs and asks for nothing. Its her way or no way. Unlike most heroes she was never meant to be in the game, she came about because the team behind the cinematic needed someone for McCree to go up against and she was so popular that the development team ended up hijacking her for their own use.

Ashe is all about ranged combat she has four forms of attack:

  1. Her Rifle: This is an old fashioned load one bullet at a time Winchester styled rifle. Though slow to reload this one does allow you to quickly put one bullet into the barrel if your looking to quickly finish someone off.

  2. She also carries a good old fashioned boomstick. Using this weapon she can knock both her and her opponents back, which is great for escapes and also keeping melee based heroes at bay.

  3. If your looking to make a big entrance/exit she can also deploy some dynamite. It has a short fuse but if it is taking to long she can use either of her guns to blow it up early.

  4. Her ultimate is truly unique, she summons her Omnic butler Bob to come in and fight for her. He can be healed, Nano Boosted and Shielded, not only that but he can hold a point and deal out some serious damage too.

Apparently when designing characters the team try and decide are they weapons or ability driven, Ashe deinatly falls into the former. This badass women can go up against Cyborgs, Power Armored Behemoths, Robots and Mutans with her whits and a good gun, I think I may be in love.

Finally we are going to talk about Bob. Bob is one of the few aspects that barely changed in production, he offers some unique opportunities for players and in effect becomes an extra character for a short period of time. Plus that little hat just looks epic.

In the end this was not the character I wanted next but I am glad she is being added to the game she looks pretty fun to play. Especially if your in the mood to go in shoot, shoot some more, keep shooting and ask questions later.

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