Amouranth Helps Get Us In The Mood For Halloween

Amouranth is back with her latest video, this time she is trying on a selection of Halloween costumes and of course she does this with her usual mix of sexiness and goofiness.

I will admit this, Amouranth is someone that know’s how to have fun. When watching the video it’s hard to deny that she really is enjoying herself and that’s what makes this so great. I have seen lots of women just as attractive as her do videos like this and they are rather dull and mundane but she makes it so much better by being a little weird and brings a great concoction of silliness and flamboyance to the screen, one that endears her to her fans.

Before anyone get’s judgy, yes some of the costumes are sexy, but its Halloween a lot of people where sexy outfits and not only that but half the costumes are not really “sexy” so get off your fucking high horse and just enjoy the video.

So folks, what are you waiting for?

Go watch the video and I hope you all enjoy.

If you are a fan then check out off the relevant links below.






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