Dillongoo Shows Us The Desires Of Every Widowmaker Main

Its tough playing as Widowmaker. I wont deny it, most people assume your shit because you don’t always get awesome kills. But being a sniper takes time patience and skill. Now not all Widowmaker players have these and some definitely misuse the character, but many know her strengths and weaknesses and understand she needs to be held at the rear and given cover to properly use her abilities, obviously this will be far more effective on PC rather than on consule. Still it must suck be lumped in with all the bad players and this video by Dillongoo perfectly sums up the feelings of many Widowmaker players out there.

The video kicks off with a very chill relaxed Widowmaker enjoying a delicious looking Baguette, because if your French what else are you going to eat?

Once her fellow team mates begin harassing her over team speak she begins to wonder what she would really like to do.

Once she goes on her rampage it is glorious carnage and I would love to fill you in on details but this one you just need to watch on your own. 

The video is gorgeously animated and such fun its really worth the time.



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