BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Tickets Are Now On Sale

We are now in the run up till BlizzCon 2018 and if many of you are like myself you will not be able to afford to fly out there, luckily the folks at BlizzCon always let us, the eager fans purchase virtual tickets to view the show. With the ticket you will have access to every panel and you can choose to watch in real time or at a later date. Not only that but you will be able to explore a tonne of content before the show even begins, there will be new videos released daily in the run up to the con.

As with every other year anyone with a ticket or virtual ticket will receive some awesome in game loot. Not much has been revealed so far but we do know that all Overwatch players will receive a new skin for Sombra, one turning her into the Demon Hunter from DIablo 3.

If that’s not enough and you are looking some real world goodies, then do not fret chums for Blizzard has you covered, after purchasing the ticket you can head over and get your self the BlizzCon goody bag.

The final great benefit is that with the virtual ticket you can help shape the show too. You can build a BlizzCon panel alongside others from the Blizzard community (voting available for a limited time), then watch what you created come to life live during the main event. So what are you all waiting for?


If your interested please click here to purchase a ticket.


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