What I Want To See From A Power Rangers Sequel

I really enjoyed the 2017 Power Rangers film, it wasn’t perfect but it was an interesting take on a franchise I grew up with. It has a nice premise and a fantastic cast with a the film that went for a much more ‘real’ look at life as a 21st century teenager, on saying that with an announcement for a sequel now in the works, there are six things I would like to see in the follow up.


Being Less depressing – This is a big one for me, since Hasbro are going ahead and making another film I am 100% on board, but stop going the DC path and making it dark, take a more Marvel run at things and make this sequel happier than its predecessor. Don’t get me wrong, having the five kids actually deal with some real world issues was a nice touch but the film ended on a high note so keep it happy and embrace the fun that Power Rangers is.


More World Building – The first film did a fantastic job with world building, it gave us hints at the Zeo Crystals, the fact that alien Rangers exist and mentions of the Morphing Grid. I would want to see all these explored and in greater detail.


No more blatant advertising. Look I love Krispy Kreme as much as the next guy but seriously did we need this much product placement throughout the most recent movie…


Better use of the Villains. Goldar was completely wasted last time but maybe having Rita summon Lord Zedd and getting access to others villains such as Finster, Baboo and Squat could be a good start.

Plus I would love to see a return of my child hood crush Scorpina. My point is a hero is only ever as good as their villain and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has a great selection of villains for for them to waste another opportunity, well that would just suck.


A Redesign Of The Zords. This one is urgently needed the new Zords look a little rough around the edges and I feel like they could justify this in the movie by calling it an upgrade. Myabe if they took a look at Pacific Rim they would get some good ideas on what a great Giant Robot looks like.


Introduce Tommy. The final scene from the 2017 film hinted at Tommy coming into the films and some fans where hoping for this to be a female character maybe this time round a female Green Ranger could be a love interest for the Yellow Ranger, instead of Pink. One of the smarter decisions made in last years film was having Rita also be a Ranger thus how they can tie a 6th ranger to the new team and their villain. 

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