Vikings Makes A Brutal Return

Looks like Vikings Season 5 is about to bounce back and take things up a notch, the new trailer looks fabulously brutal.

With its last episode Vikings managed to trim the fat and get rid of a lot of its secondary characters, leaving more space for the main cast to breathe. From the trailer we can see that it looks like Ivar and Bjorn are going to be the main focus for this season, with Bjorn wanting to return to take back what is rightfully his, while Ivar will try and cement his legacy. Of course the other brothers will be featured too, but for the most part it looks like this will see the eldest vs the youngest. An interesting note is that Hvitserk seems to have once again changed sides probably beginning to notice how unstable Ivar truly is.

Lagertha and her survivors will end up allying with King Alfred, I guess they will use this to help explain how he was one of the most successful Kings in England, which is kind of a shame because it dilutes how effective a ruler he truly was. Still we will see his forces fighting on a scale that the show has never let us see before.

As for Floki, we do not see much of him but I can still assume he will survive this season, he is too popular to let go just yet.

Also we get little pay off on what Rollo is up too, so maybe they are hiding some information from us.

Yes it truly looks like Vikings will be making a great comeback in part two of season 5.


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