What The Hell Is Up With The New Turtles?

I know I hate to shit on anything but this show just seems so wrong, I get that the creative team have their right to change things like the gender and race of a character, but at their core they should always keep the personality traits the same in the character. When I was growing up the Turtles had their defined personality traits.

Leonardo – Leads

Donatello – Builds machines

Raphael – Is cool but rude

Michelangelo – Is a party dude

With this new series they have changed all that and Leonardo is no longer the leader, Ralph is the leader, Donatello now is a robot and Michelangelo is an artist… This just seems so off brand. 

My other major issue is the animation, it just seems so all over the place and frantic. The only obvious positive is that I like the fact that each turtle is now a different species of turtle which adds some variety to the team and makes it alot less generic.

Look this is just my opinion and maybe I am wrong, after all this is a show for kids so I really cannot criticize it.

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