Mark Hamil Shows Off His Sneak Skill At San Diego Comic-Con

You devious genius Mr Hamill.

I think Mark Hamill is either a master of disguise or has mastered the use of the Jedi Mind Trick for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con as he managed to sneak into the Brooklyn Nine Nine panel completely unnoticed.

Hamill managed to get into the infamous Indigo Ballroom for the panel when he tweeted out this picture.

Earlier this year fans where saddened to her that their beloved show was cancelled, but thanks to many dedicated fans, including Mark Hamill, it was saved, so it was nice of him to go to the panel and well it just makes us love the guy more.

Decked out in his faux police look Mark easily blended in with the fans and it really shows that he is a true fan at heart.

My hat’s off to you Mr Hamill.

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