Mercy Helps Raise Over $12 Million For Charity

I am well aware that in the grand scheme of things most of what I write about is kind of pointless and will eventually pass, but today I am glad to write about something I helped contribute too. A few months back Blizzard launched a campaign in support of the fight against Breast Cancer. To help raise money they released a new skin for Mercy and started selling some awesome merchandise

The community responded with so much positivity that they managed to raise  $12.7 million (USD) to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

This is such heartwarming piece of news and really put a smile on my face.

What makes this all the better is the Overwatch communities love for the new Mercy Skin. It has been met with so much joy even I was a little shocked and yes I do play with the skin.

Just check out some of this awesome cosplay


Or this fan art

In the end I am proud to have been part of this and look forward to the next battle.

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