All We Know About Wrecking Ball

A lot has been revealed since last I posted and I think people are starting to come round to the new character, even if some people are wanting more diversity in the game…

So this adorable ball of death is called Wrecking Ball and he is also the mysterious Hammond from the Lunar colony

Many of us originally assumed Hammond was a gorilla, but turns out he is a genetically enhanced Hamster.

One that escaped the Lunar Colony with Winston and ended up in Junkertown where he became a Gladiatorial Champion, inside his mecha suit.

Like I said earlier there seems to be some hate online at the addition of this character instead of more diversity, which to me is kind of shitty. Overwatch is doing diversity right by adding in characters whose diverse origins make sense. Yes this character is a Hamster but they will be fun and less serious that Doomsday or Moira. They have obviously had Hammond planned for a long time and wanted to release him, so be patient and we will get more diverse characters soon.

In the mean time the fans are still being very creative with the character and I am loving it.

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