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Shattered Grid continues to take a much darker path as we follow the journey of Kimberly from the dark future. Here she was enthralled by lord Drakkon and mind controlled into one of his most elite soldiers, in fact she serves him as his Ranger Slayer. Lets just stop and think about that for a second, Lord Drakkon, who was the Tommy of his universe, took the person he was supposed to fall in love with, the happy go lucky member of the team and twisted her so badly that she became his personal assassin. We do not know how it happened but at some point Kimberly switched sides from the resistance to Drakkon and based on what follows we can only assume that she never intended it to stay that way. Now armed with the Bow Of Darkness and a clouded mind, much like the original Green Ranger she became an agent of destruction.

This issue really took things in an interesting direction. To explain what’s going on, Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers is set in the current Boom time line, but its a prequel and set before Tommy joined the team, so the Dark Kimberly has now traveled further back in time than Drakkon ever did. Her time here has made her begin to question what she once believed and start to remember who she is and what she truly believes. We see glimpses of her past and are beginning to unravel what happened to her to make her turn to the darkness.

After Dark Kimberly is defeated and her personal Zord, the Gravezord (An amalgamation of parts from all 7 Thunderzords) is destroyed she finally returns to her senses and regains her sanity, leading to her taking a walk down memory lane and even seeing a few now dead friends she becomes determined to take down Drakkon, even if she needs to do it on her own. 

Boom have taken Kimberly now in 4 different directions each better than the last and its great to see her be this absolute rock in the maelstrom. The Tv show Kimberly was lovely and a fan favorite but like many of the original characters she truly lacked depth and this time round Boom are giving her so much development, ts awesome.

I am kind of sad that Shattered Grid is closing to a finish but I will enjoy the ride as it goes on. Seeing the Rangers past and present like we have never seen them before this is one of the best crossover events ever and really worth reading!

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